Mazzaroth Vineyard


Buy one tasting, get one free. Please call winery directly to schedule your tasting


Mazzaroth Vineyard plans to open in early May. Tastings are by appointment only. Call in advance to schedule your tasting.

Mazzaroth Vineyard, located in Middletown, Maryland, is known for their profound respect for nature and relentless dedication in the vineyard. Their philosophy is that to grow the most flavorful grapes requires that they remain in balance with nature. With that said, they are steadfest about the quality of their grapes. They do not use herbicides. They also remain unconcerned with increased production, instead focusing on  cultivating the most flavorful grapes that represent the area’s terroir.

The name “Mazzaroth” literally translates to “star array”, and could be understood as as a set of constellations. In a larger context, Mazzaroth means more than this. It speaks to the idea that humans can’t control or change the forces of nature. For a vineyard, you’ll achieve harmony if you, the sun, the soil, the rain, and the vines all work together.

Open seasonally and only until they sell out, you’re invited to visit Mazzaroth Vineyard and experience this premium Maryland Wine.

8333 Myersville Rd., Middletown, MD 21769

Mazzaroth Vineyard